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Praise for The Last Stand:


"Kevin Robbins knows golf, and he has brought energy and verve to the task of unraveling Payne Stewart's enigmatic life. This is a wise and beautifully written book about the inner life and journey of a gifted athlete."

—Wil Haygood, author of The ButlerTigerland, and Sweet Thunder: The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson

"Payne Stewart was the last of golf's great swingers. Kevin Robbins has captured the man's game and style and too-short life for eternity."

—Michael Bamberger, author of Men in Green and To the Linksland

“Few public men have been more obviously flawed than brash, big-mouthed, attention-seeking Payne Stewart, and a slew of his contemporaries might seem better qualified to embody that era. Yet Kevin Robbins has pulled off the impossible: By charting Stewart's herky-jerk walk from brattishness to humility, while illuminating his play as the last gasp of a golf now gone forever, he has revealed in his subject a largeness, a grace, that even Stewart never dreamed he had. So buy in—and buckle up. Robbins' meticulously reported work on Stewart's last hours stands as some of the finest writing on flight—both its beauty and horrors—published in years.”

—S.L. Price, Sports Illustrated senior writer, author of Playing Through the Whistle: Steel, Football and an American Town and Heart of the Game: Life, Death, and Mercy in Minor League America

“Around Payne’s Stewart’s life, and death, mystique has grown. Kevin Robbins makes it all so lucid and real. There’s brilliant reporting here, great humanity,  and writing as memorably stylish as Stewart’s famed plus fours. Reading this, the gallery will roar.”

—Gary M. Pomerantz, author of The Last Pass: Cousy, Russell, the Celtics, and What Matters in the End

"Riveting and heartbreaking, this excellent biography is sure to please." 

—Publishers Weekly

"Robbins delves convincingly into the agonizing nitty-gritty of what it takes to miss one less fairway per round, convert one more up-and-down and make one more crucial putt—the tiny improvements that spell the difference between winning a tournament and finishing in the middle of the pack."

—John Paul Newport, The Wall Street Journal

"In many ways, Stewart was an enigma. Robbins captures his essence with incisive reporting and beautiful writing." 

—Damon Hack, Golf Channel

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Praise for Harvey Penick:

"Harvey Penick led an exceptional golfing life, and Kevin Robbins has written an exceptional account of it. His book is transporting. What a life, captured here beautifully."

—Michael Bamberger, author of Men in Green and To the Linksland

"I'm always thrilled to learn about the quiet giants and caretakers of golf, no less so with Kevin Robbins's beautiful account of the game's most influential teacher and mentor. This book deserves an honored spot right by Harvey's beloved Little Red Book."

—James Dodson, author of Final Rounds and American Triumvirate

"An important contribution to golf history."

—Bill Pennington, author of Billy Martin and On Par

"What a great story about a great man. Anyone who knew Harvey knew he was special. This book just confirms it."

—Kathy Whitworth, LPGA Hall of Fame golfer and winner of 88 professional titles

"A warm, insightful portrait of an uncommonly wise and gentle soul."

—Mark Frost, author of The Greatest Game Ever PlayedThe Grand Slam and The Match

"Opens wide a window into the soul of someone whose story transcends the game."

—Ben Crenshaw, two-time Masters Tournament winner

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